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Click Here for a Printable Release of Liability Form
Release of Liability

All participants must read and sign our Release of Liability form.

Click here for a PDF of the Release of Liability Form.


NO CANS OR BOTTLES are allowed on the river. Please bring a canteen or thermos jug. If you plan to bring food we suggest a small cooler with Tupperware containers, this seems to work the best. NO PAPER OR PLASTIC WRAPPERS.

Each rafts holds two to three persons with a maximum load of 400 pounds.

The state of Wisconsin prohibits overnight camping on the river.

Please keep in mind that NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are allowed on Wisconsin waters. Minimum age recommendations fluctuate depending on water level, however, all participants must weigh at least 50 pounds.

What to Wear

Whitewater rafting is a do-it-yourself challenge which requires good health, stamina and judgment. The river is high and cold in spring and demands sober respect and wet suits and saftey equipment such as helmets, eye glass straps, cold river paddle gear.

Summer rafting is less demanding and swim suits are common for an occasional dip in the clear clean water. Tennis shoes should be worn for wading the gravel bottom and long sleeved shirts should be taken to protect form the sun. The river averages 2 to 3 feet deep and 150 feet in width. Dress according to the weather. Everyone makes it, not because of how well they paddle, but in spite of how they paddle.

The rapids will get you wet, so choose clothing accordingly. Shorts or wet suits in warm weather. Nylon jackets, fast drying pants and tops in cool weather. For footwear, we recommend tennis shoes or river shoes such as Tevas or wet suit boots. Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repellent will help protect you from the sun and insects. Bring a change of clothes, dry shoes and a towel.

Life jackets are required and provided with rafts and paddles!!!!!

Other Helpful Hints

Due to our wilderness location, telephone service may be limited in some areas.

Whitewater rafting is a thrill you will want to do annually with friends -- be sure to Reserve your trip early!